More Ways to Play and Learn: Froggy Toss & Catch Net & Ball

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More Ways to Play and Learn: Extension Activities for Our Toys: Froggy Toss & Catch Net & Ball
Ready to catch a “fly” ball? Grab a Froggy net and get hoppin’! This toss-and-catch game includes two cool nets, two foam balls and lots of ways to have fun. Cheerful features and bright colors will have children smiling right along with Froggy as they play. This exciting set encourages gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and social skills. Instructions for six games are included.More Ways to Play and Learn with Froggy Toss & Catch Net & Ball:Standard Play:

  • Toss the ball with one hand and catch it with your Froggy net. (The ball is intended to be tossed by hand.)

More games for 1-2 players:

  • Players stand apart from each other, each holding a ball in one hand and a net in the other. On the count of three, each player should bounce his/her ball on the ground and try to catch it (after the bounce) in his/her own net. The first player to make 10 catches is the winner!
  • Each player holds a net parallel to the ground and carefully places a ball anywhere on the green handle or rim. Each player must balance his/her ball on the surface of the racquet as long as possible, counting aloud to determine how many points he/she will earn for the round. (Stop counting points when the ball falls.) For an extra challenge, only award points if the ball falls into the net at the end of the round; no points for balls that land on the ground!
  • The player(s) begins by holding the net straight out in front, with a ball in the net. The player counts, “One,” while spinning the handle to rotate the net 360° (the net will face downward for part of the rotation – it takes a quick move to keep the ball inside!). If the ball remains in the net, the player then counts, “One, two,” taking the full count to make one full rotation. Play continues in this way, with each rotation becoming slower as the counting takes longer. Whoever keeps the ball in the net the longest wins!

Games for 2 or more players (or teams):

  • The first player holds a Froggy net with a ball in it; the second player holds an empty Froggy net below it. The first player must tip over his/her net, dropping the ball into the empty net. Both the dropper and the catcher get one point for every successful exchange. (Additional players may be rotated in if more want to play.) To increase the challenge, move the nets farther apart with every round. If the ball touches the ground, the game ends!
  • Divide into two teams of two players each. On each team, one player will hold a net and the other will hold a ball. The teammates begin by standing arm’s length apart while the player with the ball tries to toss it into the outstretched net. When the player gets the ball in the net, he/she may take one step back. Continue playing in this way, with the ball thrower taking a step back after each successful toss. The first to take five steps back wins!

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