From the Melissa & Doug Playbook: 5 Ways that Stuffed Animals Can Help Promote Developmental Growth

February 12, 2013 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Stuffed animals are a very popular gift around Valentine’s Day, but did you know that, when you give the gift of a furry new friend, you’re actually helping a child’s developmental growth as well?

How stuffed animals can promote development

Here’s how:

1)      Even very young children learn through all of their senses. Stuffed animals have a soft texture that is easy to grab, hold, and hug – making learning enjoyable!

2)      Children can work out challenges they’re experiencing in a safe way – for instance, potty-training their stuffed animal!

3)      Stuffed animals are often comforting for children and can give them a sense of security when they are nervous or frightened, enabling them to engage in new experiences with courage. For a young child, stroking or holding a stuffed animal can bring much-needed comfort and confidence in a constantly changing world.

4)      Stuffed animals can be chameleon-like “Friends” that change personalities, abilities, and roles according to your child’s imagination. Stuffed animals help fuel larger-than-life imaginations and inspire wonderful make-believe play.

5)      Lifelike plush animals encourage children to learn about animals and take pride in their care. They make the perfect practice pet – with no mess or shedding!

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