4 MORE Ways to Play (and Learn!) with Jumbo Knob Puzzles

January 10, 2013 at 12:05 pm 2 comments

Wooden Jumbo Knob puzzles feature easy-grasp knobs for little hands with matching pictures underneath! They make terrific first puzzles, but did you know that there are many MORE ways your child can enjoy these puzzles (even as they get older?)

Knob Puzzle Activities

Here are some ideas:

  1. Trace and create
    An older child (3 years and up) will enjoy tracing the knob puzzle pieces with a crayon or colored pencil and then coloring it in. Using this technique she can create shapes of different colors or try to replicate the object or under the piece. She can even make sensory artwork by tracing a few pieces onto construction paper and then gluing products with different textures like cotton balls, sandpaper, sequins and rice.
  2. Bring in the Band!
    Your child may have already figured out that banging the puzzle piece against the board produces a robust sound! Now try giving her a puzzle piece in each hand and let her discover that when she claps, she can make a new loud sound with these impromptu cymbals!
  3. Playing with Sounds
    Get involved when your child is playing with her puzzle. For example, if the puzzle has a bird on it, each time she picks up the bird you can “tweet tweet” and see how she’ll notice. Keep repeating the sound and see if she will mimic you.  Do this for all the animals on your puzzles. Even if your child is not yet speaking she will enjoy the sound repetition. Why not sing your own version of  “Old MacDonald” using the animals in your puzzle?


    Via @hawleykatherine

  4. Color matching
    Knob puzzles are also an opportunity to name colors and show your child other objects that have the same color. If the puzzle piece is blue you can repeat “blue” and show your child another object that’s the same color as well. You might even make small piles of objects in each color and let your child explore.

Even if your child has outgrown the Jumbo Knob puzzle, using your label maker or pieces of paper, write-down the words (or even just first letter of the word) associated with each picture. Then, have your child pick up the pieces to reveal the words and letters, prompting some simple reading and spelling practice!

What are your favorite ways to play with Jumbo Knob Puzzles? Leave your ideas in the comments, or join the conversation on the Melissa & Doug Facebook page!

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