5 New Products to Help Kids Express Personal “Style”

October 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm Leave a comment

This week on the Melissa & Doug blog, it’s all about style! Helping kids learn how to identify and express their personal style can help build powerful communication skills and inner confidence, and this week we’ve been sharing some crafty activities that can help facilitate these conversations. In the spirit of “style week,” we’d love to share a few new products recently unveiled on Melissa & Doug’s website that can be used to in some creative ways during your stylish explorations.

Dress-Up Stickers for Storytelling

Two new products were recently added to our extensive line of stickers: the Princess & Fairy Dress-Up Sticker Roll, and Vehicles, Careers, Sports & Knights Sticker Activity Roll! These stickers are perfect tools to help kids explore and express their personal preferences in a variety of ways. Here are a few activity tips:

1)      Ask your child to decorate a school folder or keepsake box and talk through why certain stickers were selected.

2)      Create a story that involves the sticker characters and what they “do” everyday, who their friends are, what their likes and dislikes are, etc.  You may learn quite a bit about your child’s social life along the way!

3)      Play around with different patterns, outfits, or accessories— asking your child to explain why certain stickers are preferred over others (i.e. “I love the color purple. NOT the color black!” or “I would feel pretty in that outfit”).

Pick-Your-Pantry Preferences! 

Do you have picky eaters in your house? Our new Grocery Cans and Grocery Boxes can be a wonderful pretend-play activity to facilitate conversations about eating habits! Here are some ideas:

1)      Ask your child to “make” dinner using some of the items. Over your pretend mealtime, ask your child to explain why certain foods were selected over others and talk about broader preferences that can be uncovered. (For example, “I prefer salty foods” or “I think soup is too messy.”)

2)      Use this as an opportunity to talk about nutrition and health with your child. Select certain foods that can be categorized as “great to eat everyday” versus “great for special occasions” and brainstorm ways to make smart eating choices when away from home.

Fashion-Forward Activity

Finally, for your budding fashionistas, our new Scratch Art Fashion Friends Drawing Book can be a great way to help discover personal style. Go through the specific designs with your child, asking her to discuss which styles she prefers, and why. This could also be used as a tool to help your child begin to select her own outfits to wear every day.

What activities do you enjoy with your child to help embrace their personal styles? Leave your comments below or e-mail your ideas to socialmedia@MelissaAndDoug.com! And, be sure to check out all our new products on the Melissa & Doug website. 

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