From the Melissa & Doug Community: What Motivates Your Child?

October 4, 2012 at 9:14 am 1 comment

This week on the Melissa & Doug blog, we’re exploring ways to help children express their personality. One topic we covered was how to work with your child to customize their chore charts. We asked our fans: What motivates YOUR child? We received such wonderful responses that we rounded them up below. What would you add to our growing list of motivators?

  1. “Genuine praise, and cuddle-hugs!” (Tammy T.)
  2. “Reading them a story when they’re done…and when all else fails, snacks!! (Lori V.F.)
  3. “Join in and help them!” (Marcia R.C.)
  4. “Singing while we do it AND having speed contest – with smiles all around.” (Laruen N.)
  5. “I sing songs and clap to encourage them to pick up their toys…once they get them put away they get praise for a job well done.” (Kasi A.)
  6. “Sometimes I tell [my child] to race me while I do laundry and he cleans up his room…other times just singing works if it’s before bedtime. Sometimes the possibility of an extra bedtime story works.” (Rachel P.)
  7. “We play a game of his choosing [after chores are done].” (Candice B.)
  8. “My kids love a chore countdown. We start at 10-minute cleanup and I call out the remaining minutes!” (Andrea M.)
  9. “I think just telling how much of a help they are does so much, and to say ‘what a great job’ when done!” (Cheryl C.)
  10. “My kids will do almost any chore if they are motivated by the offer to help me cook! They love to help in the kitchen.” (SugarAnts)
  11. “A reward sticker on her chart. Once she reaches a goal amount we can trade in for a new toy or book.” (@Littlestylefndr)

Do you have ideas to add to this list? Send them to! And, for some helpful insights on setting up a chore chart with specific responsibilities, check out our recent “Customizing Your Child’s Chores” post.

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