Mother’s Day Message from Melissa

May 13, 2012 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Melissa - Co-founder of Melissa & DougThe greatest moments of being a mother for me are the occasions when the expressions of love and appreciation come naturally.

The gifts for me come in those wonderful drawings, stories and poems handed to me when I least expect it, or the “I love yous” that are said with such spontaneous intensity and passion that my heart just overflows with joy.

Those are the treasures that make the trials and tribulations of motherhood fade quickly away, and bring tears to my eyes every time I view or remember them. Because they sprung naturally out of pure emotion and no feeling of duty! Those flashes, although ever briefer as children grow older, are the only rewards I ever need to keep me content and satisfied.

However, a handful of times, I have received one of those brilliant jewels actually ON MOTHER’S DAY. Yes, a proclamation that came NOT from the classroom or through spousal threats, but entirely independently AND created especially for me on Mother’s Day.

One of my favorites was a poem from my son when he was 8 years old. No one in the family knew that he had been working on his composition for days, and his face was beaming with pride as he presented it to me:

Mom, you’re the one who cares for me when I’m down,
Turning my frowns completely around.
When I am sick you always care for me,
Making me hot chocolate and occasionally tea.
You come to all my sporting events,
Hoping I hit one over the fence.
You go out of your way to take me places,
Speeding to get me there on time like a driver in races.
Playing games with me like 500 rummy,
You may win most of the time, but I am no dummy.
I love you very much for these many things,
May your Mother’s Day be precious like a million diamond rings!

Simple and sweet, but meaningful, which mirrors my philosophy in toy-making as well as parenting and living life!

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