Communicate without Words: 5 Nonverbal Tricks that Speak Loud and Clear!

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Communicate without Words
  1. Eye Contact
    What to do: Look your child in the eye when he/she is talking to you.
    What it says:
    “I hear you, and I’m paying attention to what you’re saying.”
  2. Tone of Voice
    What to do: Keep your voice calm and steady, even when your child is overwrought.
    What it says: “You can trust me. Expressing your emotions is safe with me.”
  3. Posture and Position
    What to do: Kneel or sit when your child wants to talk or show you a project.
    What it says: “You are important to me, and I am here for you.”
  4. Facial Expressions
    What to do: Be conscious of your facial expressions; use them to express positive emotions with a wink or a smile.
    What it says: “
    Good behavior catches my attention, too!”
  5. Touch
    What to do: Hold your child’s hand, hug, give a backrub, tuck your child in with a gentle kiss.
    What it says:
    “I love you. I love being near you. You are so special to me!”

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