Rainy Day Fun: Number Hunt

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Rainy Day Fun Number Hunt

Easter is over, but my kids are still eager to hunt for things. When the weather is nice we head outside and hunt for bugs and worms and heart-shaped rocks but when it’s raining we hunt for numbers! A number hunt is a great learning-and-playing rainy-day activity. Melissa & Doug Chunky Number Puzzle is the perfect toy to use for number hunts.

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Chunky Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Chunky Puzzle

Now I know what you are thinking: You hide the numbers and the kids find them. Ta da!

Well yes.

But . . .

Yes there is a but. You can tailor this game to your children’s development too. Make the most of learning through play.

Here are a few variations for the simple number hunt.

  • Keep it small. For young kids like my daughter, who is not yet 2, I only hide 1-10.  I also keep them in a small area–for us, the foyer.

  • Customize it. Choose only odd or even numbers and write them out on a clipboard for your child to check off.
  • Map it. Give them a map to find the numbers. After they find them have them hide the numbers and make you a map!
  • Spell it out. Make a checklist with the names of the numbers written out. This is great for new readers.
  • Add equations. Write 2+1 =  then send them off to find the correct answer. This is a wonderful way of including school-age kids. Math is rad and active even on a rainy day!

And if you are in a house like mine where competition is the key to everything, time it. If you have siblings like my children who are clearly not an even match (yet), have them beat their own time or make predictions and see how close them came.

Rainy days don’t have to be boring days when there are classic toys and classic games to play! Enjoy exploring these variations and have fun!

Allison McDonald is the founder and editor of No Time For Flash Cards! She has been teaching children in various capacities since 1993, so you can imagine that she has done her fair share of crafts, songs and circle times!  Her son’s birth brought her home, and her love of teaching and helping other parents sparked the idea for No Time for Flash Cards. Early childhood  education is her passion . . . her heart belongs to the little guys! Get to know Allie and see her creative kids’ crafts and educational activities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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