Halloween-themed Twitter Party 10.3.11 9pm ET (RSVP required)

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Join Us For a Halloween-themed Twitter Party on Monday 10.3.11 at 9pm ET 🙂

RSVP HERE: http://bit.ly/qWTpEw

You must RSVP and attend the Twitter Party to be eligible for giveaways and to claim prizes!

Twitter Party Tips:

___ Follow MelissaAndDoug on Twitter

___ LIKE Melissa & Doug on Facebook

___ Know your hashtag: #mdparty

___ Think of a kids’ joke to share

___ Tell a friend to join us!

___ Prepare for Fun!


Q. What’s a Twitter Party?
A. A Twitter Party is a virtual party where partygoers connect over Twitter. A host leads the discussion and partygoers tweet to join the conversation, using a special hashtag to categorize comments as belonging to the party. A party can be searched by its hashtag. (See also http://www.twitterpartyguide.com/what-is-a-twitter-party)

Q. What’s the hashtag for the Melissa & Doug Twitter Party?
A. #mdparty

Q. What is a hashtag?
A. A word becomes a hashtag, or keyword, when it’s preceded by a # symbol. This signals Twitter to categorize a tweet according to that keyword so it will come up in search results. So, for instance, when you do a Twitter search for #mdparty, you’ll see what an amazing time we’re having Monday night!  (Also see https://support.twitter.com/articles/49309-what-are-hashtags-symbols)

Q. Why do I have to RSVP?
A. We pick names from the RSVP list for our prize giveaways. So technically you don’t HAVE to RSVP–but you won’t win prizes if you don’t! (To be eligible for giveaways, you’ll need to both RSVP and attend the party.)

Q. How far in advance should I RSVP?
A. You can RSVP as late as during the party. We refresh the RSVP list before each giveaway winner is selected.

Q. How long does the party last?
A. Our Twitter parties usually last one to two hours. You can come for just a few minutes, stay the whole time or anything in between.

Q. Do I have to participate?
A. You may participate as little or as much as you’d like. You need only be present at the Twitter party in order to be eligible to win giveaways.

Q. What will we do at the Twitter party?
A. During the Twitter party the host (@MelissaAndDoug) will ask questions about parenting, toys, Halloween, kids jokes and more, and you can answer each question or comment on another person’s answer. Remember to use hashtag #mdparty so everyone can see your comments.

For example, @MelissaAndDoug might ask, “Q1: What Is Your Child’s Favorite Holiday? #mdparty”  You could answer “@MelissaAndDoug Halloween! #mdparty”

Each question is tied to a giveaway.  Partiers are given a few minutes to answer each question. Once the question is closed we choose a winner for that question.

Throughout the party we also share information about our website, new products, upcoming events & promotions, tell jokes, get advice from other parents and more. Each party is different, but they are always fun! 🙂


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